Taskwarrior: the task list as nerdy as productive

Taskwarrior is one of the most complete applications that exist to organize our lists, the algorithm urgently ordered for you.

Some time ago, I found the software to organize task lists using the terminal . The best of these applications is to organize our tasks in a simple text file, so backup or synchronize our work with other devices to make things ​​really easy.

The problem is that the software which is Todotxt does not receive any update, makes its development has stagnated . Also, for some actions leaves much to be desired.But do not worry because I found the perfect substitute, its name is Taskwarrior and is a program that undoubtedly will create a positive impact on your life. Functions that owns and the way it has to organize tasks is so good that our productivity will be improved instantly. Since I discovered it has become my constant companion.

What is Taskwarrior?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-abs0s8uis]

Taskwarrior is an extremely full to organize our task list using the terminal program . Not depend on external plugins to give us an acceptable user experience, as does todotxt, but it comes with all the default functions we need. With Taskwarrior we can:

  • Add tasks, mark them as completed, create and complete tasks that are recorded.
  • Sort tasks by projects and tags.
  • Priorities for tasks.
  • Create recurring tasks, namely task will be created after completion.
  • Waiting tasks are displayed only after a certain date.
  • Different display modes of tasks, each display information specific (possibility to modify to taste).
  • Dependent tasks, i.e., tasks completed dependent blockers of other tasks.
  • View graphics state of our projects, also completing tasks that will either daily, weekly, yearly or to taste.
  • Auto complete in our shell command. We also activate a plugin for Oh-My-zsh! .
  • It comes with different themes to fill it with color.
  • Extensible via plugins (I doubt you ever need).
  • Documentation well organized , so you learn to master this powerful program soon.
  • We can synchronize our work with our own server.
  • Algorithm emergency order tasks so that you always have the most important top . Important tasks are always above is pure magic (modifiable parameters).
  • And much more.

In the above video shows detail as this application is used.Try it yourself and you will be hypnotized.

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