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The website is also ranked for being faster and smoother in loading. Hence, there are few online tools to test page speed of blog or site.

According to some survey conducted online on an eCommerce site, an average wait time for any normal visitor is less than 3 seconds. If website loading time is more than say 5 secs, a visitor won’t stays for long enough and there is the high chance of cancellation of a transaction. This will have the serious impact on conversion goal of the website.

Hence, page speed loading is the very important factor and it need to fix immediately, especially when it is large eCommerce website.

Here are some of best tools listed for checking website page speed, smoothness and suggestion to improve loading speed, if any:

1. Google PageSpeed:

Google PageSpeed Test tool

Google PageSpeed Test tool

Developed by Google and its one of our favorite tool to check page speed. It generates a detail report on improvement and suggestion guide to make the web faster and better.

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Google PageSpeed tool also provide the behavior or speed of website on smartphone browser and also to test mobile-friendliness to make us understand website and its performance of smartphone devices.

2. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is website speed testing tool that check with both Google PageSpeed and Yahoo’s YSlow check parameter and provide grade accordingly. We have received “A” grade for Google PageSpeed and “B” Grade for YSlow when test with GTmetrix which is considered to be great grades.

3. Pingdom Tools:

Provide a detail report and loading chart for scripts or files with the time taken to download while testing. It also provides a clear picture of website speed as compare to other website tested on it. Ex: DigitSpeak website is faster than 92% of all tested website.

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4. WebPageTest:

Tool allow us to check page loading speed from different locations from the world. Also, allow to compare two websites simultaneously. It also provides the repeat view of the website which help us understanding the browser caching behavior.

Note and Conclusion:

Make website faster, smoother and avoid blocking scripts that make website load slow. Try to achieve more than 80% in all above mentioned tools. Reader love fast browsing and so the Google do.

Best recommendation is to use the content delivery network(CDN) for loading static content and improve overall speed. CDN like MaxCDN is very famous among all providers. There are few free options too like Cloudflare.

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