5 Best launchers for Android smartphone

Best launchers
Give your Android smartphone a new feel and look with this top best launchers having great features giving you a whole new UI experience.

Listed below are 5 best launchers available on Google Play Store to give you amazing user interface experience. Having great customization options.

Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher

1. Solo Launcher:

Solo launcher is my personal favourite and is also liked by my friends whom I asked for review. The launcher has great transition effects giving you lollipop like UI experience bundled with lot of customisation options for home screen and app drawer. You can customise appearance of app drawer and app animation like background color, icon size, hide app, notification bar transparency, app drawer in normal mode or A to Z mode etc.

Mini Launcher

Mini Launcher

2. Mini Launcher:

As the name suggests it is small and simple launcher but is pretty fast as compared to others out there. These launcher have all major customisation options. You can customise home screen, dock, app drawer, add gestures, animation effects, hide apps, add folders etc. Another good feature of the launcher is, if you wish to use original launcher with new feel and look than you can import the desktop layout from the system launcher.

Line Launcher

Line Launcher

3. Line Launcher:

Line Launcher by Line corp. is one of the beautiful launchers available for Android. In this launcher you will find lot more of customisation options for home screen, dock and app icon. You can set number of grids required, margin and icon size for your home screen. Change look and feel of dock. You will also find good customisation options for app drawer also. I personally don’t recommend this app if your device is laggy.

Go Launcher

Go Launcher

4. Go Launcher:

By far the most popular launcher with over 200 million downloads. With plenty of beautiful customisation options this app may turn out to be your favourite. You can hide and lock the apps in app drawer. Clean the RAM with a single click, manage apps and much more. There is also a prime version of the app giving you mo5. re 3D options of customisation.

EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher

5. EverythingMe Launcher:

Simple, slick and smooth. EverythingMe launcher will give your UI a new feel because of its simplicity. There are not many customisation options available. Yet it may be liked by the people if they are obsessed by default browser just as a change. But it is still very smooth app to use.

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Conclusion: Well this are some best Android launchers to give your user interface a new look and feel. I hope you like it, do share it and follow us as we will be constantly updating the list.

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