Uber App for Windows Phone Now Available

Another app comes to Windows Phone: the Uber app that works more or less at the base of the ride, finally became available yesterday on the app store Windows Phone and is compatible with both 8 and the 8.1.


Until then, owners of WP could even use the Uber, but it was a bit more work: they needed to access the mobile version of the site and order there. The company ensures that the experience of the app in the OS is the same as the Android, iPhone or BlackBerry (yes, it was made available for BlackBerry before Windows Phone).


"With the availability of the app and international adoption of Windows Phone, we can connect with this community as ever," uber writes in the post talking novelty and also says that more cities will receive the service soon to celebrate the arrival of the app for Windows Phone.

If you have a Windows Phone, you can already start testing Uber app.


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