Unblock Adfly URLs

How to unblock Adfly URLs.

I have been using adfly in one of my blog.
Last time, when I tried to open a URL shortened by adFly I get this error.
The URL you requested has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom(CHNN). URL = adf.ly/ 
I don’t know from when adfly URLs are blocked in my country.
Now if you are facing the same problem then here I have a very good and easy trick to unblock your URLs shortened by adFly.

Unblocking adFly URLs

Every Shortened URLs are in below format:


We can’t open the above URL because it has been blocked. 
Now if you want to open the above URL just place v2 before adf so that the above URL will be look like:


Now try to open your URL.  Hurray! you are now able to visit your URL.
This trick will work with every adfly URL.

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