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Unsubscribe Email
Is your mailbox flooded by spam? Are you irritated by stupid promotional emails? Here are few tips to unsubscribe these unwanted emails.

I receive almost 20+ promotional emails daily from shopping, jobs, and other offers. Due to this promotional emails, I sometimes ignored important emails too. To stop these stupid offers, I thought of unsubscribing them.

After working for hours, I was able to remove and unsubscribe from most email newsletters. Now I will be receiving no promotional emails from unsubscribe newsletters.

But why do these emails are sent? How did I get subscribe to them?

Send promotional emails is called as Email Marketing. But doing excessive email marketing or sending number of emails within short period of time might annoy users like I got.

Almost every promotional emails I received are not subscribed, then How I got these emails? I dig into this in details then I found that I had made some past transactions with these shopping sites. Hence, I was receiving these offers email for further buying.

Now coming back to topic, there are two ways to block these promotional mails.

Stop receiving emails with unsubscribe link

Every email newsletters service provider had made it mandatory to have unsubscribe link in email content. These unsubscribe should be available in footer of email.

Unsubscribe Email Link

Unsubscribe Email Link

Another sample link.

Unsubscribe Email Footer

Unsubscribe Email Footer


Sometimes, for reputed email marketing service provider, unsubscribe link is even present in mail header itself.

Unsubscribe Email Header

Unsubscribe Email Header

Block emails using Gmail Filter

There might be few emails in your inbox which might not have unsubscribe link. These are generally small startups or cheap email marketing service provider. As there will be no unsubscribe link, only option left is blocking or auto-deleting them by creating filters.

We have already have a tutorial on auto-deleting emails from an email ID, refer it for more detail.

Gmail Filter Delete

Gmail Filter Delete

Note and Conclusion:

Now you are one of those persons who will not receive any stupid emails. If you still have problems, then feel free to post your thought in below comments.

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