How to update your Google Play Store to latest version ?

Check whether your Google Play Store is outdated, updated or need an update using this hidden trick in Play Store.

Google Play Store is the place where you can get Apps and Games for your Android OS based Smart Phone. If your Play Store is outdated, then you might get problem in receiving regular updates of Apps and even your device will be pron to hack. So it is always recommend to update device or software as soon as possible.

Many times you might have seen devices with updated Google Play Store and features. Because some Smartphones are updated immediately on release of new version, but in some devices they might take time to receive updates.

There are various factors responsible for delay or no update of Google Play Store:

  • Mobile Brand.
  • Mobile Model.
  • Software or Operating System.
  • Network Service Provider.
  • Usage of Play Store.
  • Country or Region.
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Now if you want to update your Play Store their is a very simple trick to check for latest version.

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Open Google Play Store app.
  3. Open Settings in Play Store.
  4. Check for Build Version.

Now continuously tap on Build Version for several times. A pop up message comes on screen saying “Your Google Play Store will be updated soon” or “Your Google Play Store is up-to date”  depending on your Play Store version.

If message says that play store will be updated soon, it doesn’t mean that play store will update immediately. Device will take some time and will use your data to update Play Store (generally uses Background Data to update). It is recommended to update using WiFi instead of mobile data as any Update requires large amount of data packets.

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Note and Conclusion: 

Check for Play Store updates regularly on your device and only update on WiFi network to incur less mobile data. Stay updated and stay safe from hackers.

If you are facing any issue while updated Google Play Store, feel free to comment below.

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