How to Use Huawei USB Modem in Android Tablet

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Connecting the USB Modem In Android Tablet – Android operating system is one of the most famous and widely used for devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are many built-in features on your Android tablet that you can use as needed.

In addition, you can also access the Play Store (Android Market) to get an application that suits your needs. Well, besides that, you can also connect a Huawei USB Modem to tablet.


Steps to Connect USB modem on Tablet:

  1. Before connecting the USB Modem Huawei, you should make sure that the modem is unlocked. If not, you can buy an unlocked Huawei Modem E153U from a computer store or online.
  2. Plug the modem in your computer and wait until the time the modem is detected and installed the drivers. It will automatically detect the driver and will ask your permission to install them. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers on the PC.
  3. After installation is complete, run the Hyper Terminal or TeraTerm Pro and then find the com port assigned to the modem (usually two, but you could also try one).
  4. Now, type "ATZ in U2DIAG ^ = 0" and press enter. If you do not see the message "OK", then restart the Hyper Terminal or TeraTerm Pro, type it and press enter.
  5. You will see the message "OK" on the screen. Now, unplug the modem from your computer.
  6. Connect the modem to the tab and wait until it shows the signal bars at the top of the task bar.
  7. Then, you can go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Networks> Network Operators. It will search for and display existing 3G networks around, just select your network operator from the list.
  8. You have to again go to the Access Point Name in the Settings menu and click the button. Then, select New APN and enter.
  9. After that, go down and see if the number of MNC and MCC appears, if not, then re-enter the APN and save.
  10. Activate your APN by clicking on it and wait for the 3G logo appears. You can now open a browser to surf the internet.

If you have any question then leave a comment below.


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  1. tom says:

    cant that work with huaweil CE 0682 modem?? It is a HSDPA usb modem

  2. swagg says:

    Pls how can I find the com using MTN ZTE modem

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