Best web servers to handle 400 — 500 real time visitors

To handle 400 - 500 visitors online at real time some of shared web servers or small 512RAM VPS are enought to handle without any downtime.

For long run of website or blog, web server must have scalability for any further growth of business. Hence we are bring some of the best web servers which are of low cost at initial term and can be easily scalable with growing visitors.

Generally, handling up-to 500 real time visitors at instance is possible for some shared servers and low cost VPS servers. Here we are providing some of stats that we found on online research about servers.

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Best Servers to handle High traffic

Best Servers to handle High traffic

We highly recommend to use a small basic VPS instead of shared web server for long run.

VPS Server:

A Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is best option I can assure to have for long run. Why VPS recommended ? — It provide best class hardware support for any future growth of business. With a VPS, you can get a unique IP address for server with full root access to add, change or modify server according to need.

Here are the best cheap cloud hosting VPS provider starting range from 5$ with some awesome deals bonus credits.


Being most successful and most recommended by users, DigitalOcean is tops among competitor in providing VPS at low cost (5$ for 512MB RAM). Even we are hosted on DigitalOcean VPS. We say, it is Awesome to be here !!

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If configured on nginx server + cloudflare CDN, DO can handle more than 1500 UV at instance with 512MB RAM.

Get 10$ as credit on signup for new account.


A tough competitor for DigitalOcean, features of Vultr are almost similar to DO. Its starting range is 5$ for a 768MB RAM. Easy scalable anytime by increase billing plan for future growth.

Vultr Basic Plan can handle upto 1000 UV on 5$ plan if proper setup and optimization done.


One of the old and best player of VPS providers. Pricing is higher as compare to DO and Vultr. But being older in market, it has gain some of great reputation.

Linode basic plan can handle more than 2000 Unique Visitors (UV) at real time.

Shared Web Server:

Shared web servers are really best and cheap for initial setup of website. With growth some servers might cause problems. We have listed some of the good shared server for handling 500 UV.


Among all shared servers, BlueHost is our most favorite. BlueHost uses a highest configured hardware for providing shared server service. One high configured Bluehost server can handle ~ 2000 or even more shared servers. Hence when there are lot of UV at instance, BH can cope up by using entire hardware resource.

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According some user, BlueHost can handle up-to 800 UV.


Hostgator ranked second after BH for providing good shared server hosting. Pricing of Hostgator is bit higher than BH and Godaddy but Hostgator provide good offers on special occasion to get a server at lower price.

According a anonymous user HostGator can handle up-to 700 UV.


GoDaddy is being improving in last couple of years. Few years ago, we used GoDaddy shared server for one of our site. We were not that happy with performance in terms of downtime. But recently we have heard that GoDaddy has improved a lot and still growing.

A user has claimed that Godaddy can has handled 1702 realtime UV. Shocking !!

Note and conclusion:

Problem with shared servers increases with increase in UV. Lack of hardware resources, large number of downtime, even sometime suspension of account can be happened without any prior notice. Hence VPS is suggested rather than shared hosting.

Hoping that we have satisfactory provided a best server suited for your business. Also if you have any other recommendation, please feel free to comment below.

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