How to test, optimize and improve webpage loading speed ?

Google page speed
You can test your website or blog page loading speed and performance, even you can optimize loading speed of page and decrease loading time.

Google Search display most relevant search on the basis of the page rank of website.  Page rank depends on the content you have on your website or blog. Page Rank also depend on the how fast your web page is being loaded from server and how is your content displayed.

As page loading speed is very important for SERP (Search Engine Result Page), you must have to concentrate on its loading time.

Google PageSpeed Test tool

Google PageSpeed Test tool

Here is are some of the Online Websites where you can test your website or blog loading speed and also get some of the optimizations tips.

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# Web Page Loading Test:

1. PageSpeed Insight

Google’s PageSpeed Insight is online official website speed testing service. It also provides all important tips and critical objects you have to concentrate to improve website speed.

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2. Web Page Test

Web Page Test is used to test your PageSpeed optimized webpage with direct server hosted website files before it is optimized.

It will give you comparison between both loading time. You can test your website in based in different location and different browser.

3. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is complete website testing package that can test website page speed, Domain Authority, Page Authority. It will show the best places you have to concentrate to optimize your page.

# Web Page Loading Optimization:

1. Google PageSpeed Service

Google’s PageSpeed Service is free service that offers fast loading web pages. It requires the approval by Google for adding your website.

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It rewrites all your webpages in Google’s super fast server to deliver your page on web browser very fast. It optimize websites theme, photos, template and all other to make your website faster.

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2. MaxCDN

MaxCDN is Content Delivery Network which loads content like photos, videos, and cached webpages of your website or blog through fast optimized server.

This will reduce page loading time, and also optimize, cache all webpages. To enable this service you have to pay for it.

3.WordPress Plugin: Total W3 Cache, WP Super Cache

These are free plugin’s offer for WordPress blog users, it will store the cache of your webpage in HTML format and when requested by users it will direct send cached page faster.

I personally use WP Super Cache. I had some problems with Total W3 Cache but most of online users recommend it.

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