Host one Website or Blog on two different IP address

Checking IP adress for Website
A tech guide to teach about hosting your website or domain on two different (one on Google) IP address simultaneously at same time.

Tech guide will teach you how to host your single domain website or blog on single server but with two different IP address. Also one IP address will be of Google among two.

Hosting your website on two different IP address is possible only when you have access to your domain name server (DNS) manager. This is done by adding CNAME of Google PageSpeed Service.

Before that, let me explain you on how a complete website is hosted on ONE single IP address in your web host server. Then I will explain on how to make it TWO IP’s for the same.

#1 Single One IP address:

When you add your domain name to a web host service provider like suppose Bluehost, Godaddy or Hostgator your complete website IP address in pointed towards host only. Both your full domain name and your naked domain (without “www”) name was our old website. This article was transferred from old website.

CNAME Record for self hosted

CNAME Record for self hosted

The CNAME host record for www is pointed towards your domain name, and domain name towards host IP address. That means your complete website is under one IP.

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So when you check for both naked and full, your IP wont change it will be same.

#2 Two IP Address:

As I mentioned earlier, to make you website on two different IP address you have to change your CNAME pointing to some different Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider like PageSpeed, MaxCDN, Cloudflare, Amazon Cloudfront, etc.

But, I use and prefer Google PageSpeed service host which is fast, reliable, freely available (now, but may be chargable in future) and mainly it is Google’s Host.

Check below image to see how I have two different IP address for same domain name.

Checking IP adress for Website

Checking IP address for Website

As you can see that my naked domain name is pointing to some address [] and my full domain name i.e is pointing to Google PageSpeed Host [].

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How to host on Google PageSpeed and Configure it?

Step #1: Register yourself for Google PageSpeed Service.

Step #2: Add your website in Google API Dashboard.

Step #3: Configure you DNS record CNAME as below;

  • host: www
  • point to:
  • Time/ TTL: 1 hour/14400sec
CNAME Record for Google hosted

CNAME Record for Google hosted

Note: Make sure that there are no other IP address or domain pointing to www. If any, remove it form CNAME record.

Step #4: Your websites static content (images, CSS, JS and more) is now being server by Google PageSpeed.

Note and Conclusion:

Hence, your website in now hosted on two different host IP address and your website is speed up by Google CDN service.

For any query or question, comment below.

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