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Welcome to MatruDev an online web consultant services website offering services across various domains such are development, design and blog

Hello and welcome to MatruDEV, I am your host John Kumar who will be in touch with you using MatruDEV website/blog.

MatruDEV is (was) an online Web Consultant Services website which offers services across various web technology like Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Webmasters, WordPress blogging, and development. If you interested having Web Consultant Services, you may contact us for further enquiry.

We have much more plans in web development and design which we will be covering in upcoming articles.

MatruDEV Updates:

14 Aug 2015: I have imported all the articles from our old blog. Now, I am currently updating imported articles as well as I will modify site design for better web and user performance.

19 Oct 2015: Removed web consultant services and now totally focusing on writing blogs on Technology, Business, and WebDev. Updating old articles with latest information.

We request you to get in touch on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and mostly on YouTube.

Wish me best luck and also keep visiting for great articles and services we offer very soon.

Thank you //John.

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