WhatSong: discover the music of your favorite movies and listen to the soundtrack anywhere

WhatSong is a web service that gives you a huge database with the soundtracks of thousands of movies and you can listen right from your browser using Rdio.

If you are a lover of music then for sure you spend time discovering new artists and not lose opportunity to hear anything new that pleases your ear. One of the places where we usually find new music without even looking pregnant is in the movies (and in many TV series). The film music composition has always been a very important thing and every so often shown films with soundtracks of legend or else, with some catchy song that you can not get out of the mind for long time.

It probably more than once happened to you that a song or music you loved when you saw(or in this case listened) and immediately you turn to the all wise and powerful Internet to find who sings it and where you can hear.Well, WhatSong makes this a very simple process for you.

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Listen on Rdio or purchase on iTunes and Amazon

whatsong for iOS

WhatSong is a great website that is responsible for collecting the soundtracks for almost any movie you can think of and are kept very up to date with the latest releases. Best of all is that if you have an account Rdio then you can hear directly from the web all the songs that are available for that service. But, you always have access to buy on iTunes or Amazon. Or, if what you wanted was simply knowing smooth tracks from the soundtrack of the movie, because there you have everything at hand.

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WhatSong also currently has a mobile app for iOS and soon to launch for Android. WhatSong for iOS lets you also login with Rdio to hear the complete soundtracks from your iPhone and you do not have an account Rdio can hear at least previews 30 seconds of the songs. Yes, you must have a premium account Rdio to listen to the streaming live from the web WhatSong and if you have a free account, you can always do so directly from the same Rdio.

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