Connect laptops with WiFi network for file sharing

Setup WiFi network
A simple tutorial to setup secured WiFi network and connect all WiFi enabled device with each other without WiFi routers for file sharing.

This tutorial provide on how to setup WiFi network on your Windows OS laptop. I use Windows 7 OS so my tutorial will be on it. As per knowledge, setup is similar in other Operating System too like Windows XP, 7, 8 and latest Window 10 OS.

Step for setting up network working on Window 7 OS:

Step #1: Network and Internet

Under Control Panel, click on “Network and Internet”. In Network and Internet window you will have one option View Network status and task. You will be in “Network and Sharing” window.

Step #2: Network and Sharing

Setup WiFi network on Laptop

Setup WiFi network on Laptop

In Network and Sharing window, look for Set up a new connection or network option and click on it, this will open a new seperate window.

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Step #3: Setup a new connection or network

Set Up connection

Set Up connection

In that setup a connection or network pop up window, scroll to the bottom and select the option as Set up a wireless ad hoc network.

Step #4: Network Name and Passkey

SetUp an AdHoc Network

SetUp an AdHoc Network

This will show a Ad Hoc network connection set up, where can setup which kind of network you are needed, you can select security type as WEP, open connection, WPA2-Persosnal.

There is no security for open connection, any one can connect to your laptop and access your shared files. So it is recommend to use secured connection set up like WEP or WPA2-Personal.

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Step #5: Connect and Wait for other users to connect

Wifi Connection available

Wifi Connection available

Once the set up is completed then you have to connect to the network and allow other users to connect and share your files to them easily.

To share files, create a folder and provide sharing to WiFi connected.

Note and Conclusion:

Any other WiFi connection will be disconnected automatically as you can be connected to only one connection at one time.

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