Top 4 features missing in Windows 10 to older versions

Windows 10 Missing Features
Some of the favorite older Windows features you will be definitely gonna miss in new Windows 10 upgrade and their alternatives we got for you

The majority of PC users are Windows. And all of us have been using Windows for so long that we have got quite accustomed to some features that Windows provided us.

But alas, Microsoft you had to do it didn’t you? You had to turn it into a choice didn’t you? Windows 10 or your favorite features?

Technically with Windows 10 you are getting both 8 and 7 packaged in a smaller size with more performance speed.

But it lacks some really loved features. I’m teasing you aren’t I by not mentioning “the features”?

So without further ado, here is the list. Features missing in Windows 10 and their alternatives:

Automatic Updates

Granted you will not be able to find an alternative to this problem, but it is annoying. Back in the Windows 7 and 8 days, users had control over how updates to the OS will get installed.

Windows 7 Updates

Windows 7 Updates

Now Windows updates will be downloaded and installed automatically when they are available (even if they are buggy).

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Although Pro and Enterprise users will get control over how the updates will be installed but Windows 10 Home users are sitting ducks.

Windows Media Centre

Yes, I know WMC was removed back in 2012 with the introduction of Windows 8. But there was a little hope, that with Windows 10, we just might get it back. After all, many Windows 7 features have been brought back to 10.

Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center

But no, it’s goodbye MWC if we are upgrading to Windows 10.

Now if you like Windows 10 and want to make that upgrade, then Kodi, Plex, and MediaPortal should be a good replacement for MWC.

Solitaire, Minesweeper, and hearts

We all remember those fun pass-timers. Sadly if you make the upgrade, you can say goodbye to these pre-installed games. I emphasize pre-installed as you will get these games via the Windows Store, but sadly, solitaire will cost you money!

Windows Games Explorer

Windows Games Explorer

Yeah, Microsoft is charging you to play card games, which they got you addicted to, by offering them for free.

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Now if you have to play them without paying money, there are plenty of third-party games available, so you can check them out.

Desktop Gadgets

I’m sure that I’ll find few who still use these tools to info, especially weather and time (the widget clock is bigger than the one in the taskbar).

Windows Gadgets

Windows Gadgets

Now Desktop Gadgets hasn’t been supported for a while due to security issues (as per Microsoft). With Windows 10 you will get live tiles to make up for this, but it’s uncomfortable to go to start to view the weather when it was readily available on the desktop.

Another alternative would be 8GadgetPack, but it isn’t the same thing.


Windows 10 in terms of performance is a very good upgrade and definitely worth a try. It’s just that these features were so beloved that the sacrifice is hard. Though there are alternatives but using first-party features just feels better.

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