Learn to write an interactive blog post without losing readers

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Are your readers running away without reading your complete blog post? Then learn useful blogging tips to keep visitors engaged in your blog

Constant delivery of great content is extremely difficult. And hence sometimes you can lose your audience.

Even if you form a formula to follow, some of your regular visitors will spot that and it might become mundane.

So what can you do on your part to write – quality? Coming up with new blog posts and ideas aren’t always easy.

So how do you write an interactive blog post without losing readers?

Well, there are a variety of techniques to keep both you and your readers entertained in your blog.

Read on to learn some ways to implement time and a little mind to give your readers an entertaining and engaging read:

Write: discussion blog post

These are fairly short posts where your main focus is to- as the name suggests- create a discussion.

Basically, you are asking your readers a question and asking them for their thoughts and opinions in the comments.

This will also create a trustworthy relationship between your audience and you. Especially if you take time and listen to their comments and possibly implement them some way into your blog.

It’s just like building a business relation in real life, only it is online.

Write: Chart and Diagram posts

Saying has it “pictures speak a thousand words”. So why are you bent on explaining to your readers, complex topics, if there happens to be chart/ diagram alternative?

Consider the example, you are writing about how good a newly released phone looks. Instead of writing its dimensions and explain its textures and button layouts, it will be very easy for you and your reader to just include a picture of the device.

The inclusion of charts and diagrams will give your readers a visual interaction and simultaneously complement your writing.

Write: List articles

Popular known as listicles, this new form you writing is currently in vogue and very simple to write too.

Listicles are very engaging as they give readers diverse information about a particular in a very readable manner.

Each tip is about a few sentences long and is well organized (generally), so readers can scroll to a point that might come handy to them.

Some examples include “5 ways to create an engaging blog post.” and guess what, you are reading it!

Write: Blog Post Series

Have a great idea to write? Or is it just a plot and needs to be fine tuned?

Perhaps it’s 10k words long and you can’t finish it today but not doing so will result in inconsistency which your reader won’t tolerate.

Well, we have blog post series for that. It is a great way to break down big topics into a series of smaller posts.

Readers won’t get lost in the vastness of a really big topic and doesn’t appear to be time-consuming.

But don’t make them too long or too often without understanding you readers level of interest.

Write: Interview Blog Post

Interview blog posts are basically series of discussions that you had organized into a post.

Suppose you want to know something and engaged in a conversation with an expert.

Just include that conversation into your post. Not only will it be effortless, but have good information that you needed in the first place and now your readers can know it too.

It also gives a level of transparency between you and your readers.

It also tells them that you have good connections and can help them become better.

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