Yahoo mail basic version for fast browsing

Faster Yahoo Mail Basic VersionFaster Yahoo Mail Basic Version
Is your Yahoo mail loading very slow due to slow internet connection? Then switching to older Basic version will improve loading speed.

Are you in hurry in sending number of emails, but your ISP is too slow to load Yahoo mail? then switching to old Basic Version of Yahoo Mail might solve your problem.

Basic version will also consume low internet data packet as compare to standard version. This will also help in saving data upto 40% than normal.

How to enable Basic Version in Yahoo mail?

To enable Basic mail version, you need to login to Yahoo and change the settings of Mail Version from Full featured to Basic. 

Here are steps to change Yahoo mail to Basic version:

  1. Login to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click on Gear icon on right corner of Yahoo Mail screen.
  3. click on Settings and new light-box window will open.
  4. At bottom, check for Mail version and change it to Basic.
  5. Click on Save button to submit changes. (Screenshot below)
Yahoo Mail Basic Version

Yahoo Mail Basic Version

Browser will be reloaded in Basic version that would be faster than Full featured version. Every time to login, Yahoo mail be load in basic version as we have selected basic mail version as default.

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The basic version will be lacking with most of the features that are only available in standard version. Features like View photo slideshows, drag and drop attachments, personalized theme, and more.

How to switch back to Full featured Yahoo mail?

To switch back Full featured Yahoo mail from Basic version, you will have a link to roll back. Link will be present at right top section — Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail. (screenshot below)

Switch New Yahoo Mail

Switch New Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail box will be again reloaded in full featured version.

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Note and Conclusion:

Basic version is useful if internet connectivity is limited or slow. If you want to use Yahoo mail at full, then using full featured is best suggested.

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  1. Victor says:

    i don’t like the new yahoo version, i want to the old version of yahoo basic. thank you.
    how do i do to get back to the older version of yahoo?
    thank you

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