Add Royalty free background music to YouTube videos

YouTube Royalty Free Audio Library
YouTube has recently added the library of royalty free music audio files which are free to download and use as background music for monetize.

In past, I made a video to upload in my YouTube Channel,  I got penalized because of audio I had used in the video. The audio was property of some music brand. I received a mail form YouTube to immediately remove that video. It was not longer than 2 days I uploaded that video and I got a mail. So I removed that video immediately, and flushed it.

Reason was simple, I used an audio which is already claimed by a music brand on YouTube that is anyone’s else property and cannot be shared or used without owners permission.

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So as to make this problem resolved, YouTube itself has added a library of royalty free audio. This library of free music is updated and loaded with lot of free music.

Library is created and music files are distributed in various categories like, Genre, Mood, Instrumental, Duration. There is also most featured audio which is liked by most users, and also on marking as favorite, it will add up under your favorites tab.

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There are also many online websites like Royalty Free Music, Royalty Free Music Production, etc but they will charge you for downloading those audios. So best place to download and add music is YouTube library.

Note and Conclusion:

YouTube may take down your video if it found copyrighted audio. So it is better to use Royalty free audios as background music.

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5 Responses

  1. Adrian Diaz says:

    You can also use South Hills Records, complaint with youtube, shrecords is part of youtube audio library also, just search for “dhalius” and more than 100 tracks are available on youtube library, but on the website you have more than 700 tracks and adding each month new tracks.

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks a bunch for this. Very helpful for newbies like me. You can also find amazing royalty-free background music at

  3. Rick says:

    Try this one. It has more obscure, unique music for your video background. This is a lesser known but good site.

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