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We at MatruDEV enhance and keep all the articles and information on this website open to all our beloved readers. We have a privacy terms with our readers to keep there personal data securely, if collected in any form (article comment or subscription).

Here we have disclosed the two important factors that keep this website running and up all time. Two important factors are unique Article Content and Monetary Funding to keep this website up and running.

Article Content Disclosure:

If you talk a walk through over our web articles, you will find most of them are crafted according to our readers request. Articles are written by taking ideas from different existing sources (just an idea, not content).

Once we like the article idea, we will have detail research on it and then post our own thoughts and procedures according to our experience. In-some cases, you might find same steps on other website or blogs too. But it doesn’t mean that either of us had copied it. This might be just a co-incidence.

We have a unique and special style of writing article. Other website owners might follow different way, and there own way of producing articles.

We want to disclose some important note that some of the articles are being migrated from my old website which I had discontinued. But these articles are not out dated, they are updated to latest versions.

We are here to keep you and ourselves updated with latest technologies with better solutions.

Monetary and Funding Disclosure:

Currently we have only one source of funding from Google Adsense. It help to keep us up and pay our expenses and bill incur to keep this website running.

But in future we are planning to add few other source of money like affiliate, CPM ads and direct advertisement. If you are interested for any advertisement on MatruDEV, feel free to contact us.

There are no other source of income for our site apart from mentioned above as of now. If any other sources are added, we will update on same page.

Thanks !

Team MatruDEV