12 Most Absurd Rumors About Apple of All Time

If there is something fundamental in the "hype" created behind the Apple brand, we can say that it is without any doubt the rumors of product launches over the years. Many of them even became real, for example, most recently, the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C or the arrival of iOS 8.

However, not all the speculations were confirmed and some even become "absurd" over the years. The site Business Insider has compiled some of these rumors are not true. Check out them below:

1) Unique Screws for Mac

In August 2012, the Cult of Mac , and other sites published the rumor that the company was working on an asymmetric and capable of blocking any violations, Mac Screws. The idea, which first appeared in a Reddit post, would avoid "cannibalism" or updates on computers. In the end, it was a canard created by Swedish design Day4 site.



2) Game Controller

Early 2013, PocketGamer said, according to "multiple sources of development", Apple was in talks with game developers at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2013 to launch a game controller with dedicated support for many games. Despite not having been released in 2010 Apple filed a patent for a game controller. Most likely the company backtracked on the idea.


3) iPhone 4S would be called iPhone 5

In 2011, virtually all tech sites believed that the successor to the iPhone 4 would be the iPhone 5. Only the CNET insisted on the term "4S", which became the real name of the product in the end.


4) iPhone 4S with teardrop design

Also in 2011, the editor in chief of The Verge, Josh Topolsky, said that the iPhone 4S (which he described as iPhone 5) would have a similar design to a tear (or in English, "teardrop"). Other sources such as The Wall Street Journal and BGR fell on the bandwagon, but just for no reason when the iPhone 4S arrived with identical design to the 4.

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5) iPhone 4S with NFC and wireless charger

The iPhone 4S was one of the champions of absurd rumors. For the China Times , the smartphone still count on wireless charger and a NFC chip, which would help the iPhone to make mobile payments. The rumor not only did not happen in the year, as it has not become reality. However, it is worth remembering that Apple has a patent for wireless charger.


6) iPhone 4S would be an exclusive launch of Sprint

One day before the official launch of the iPhone 4S, the journalist BGR Jonathan Geller, said that the next iPhone (for him, iPhone 5) would be an exclusive launch of the American operator Sprint as a cheaper version of the product to reach customers of AT & T and Verizon. In the end, the major U.S. carriers launched the smartphone.


7) Apple iTV in 2012

Soon after the death of Steve Jobs at the end of 2011, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster decided to retain the idea of an iTV , that is, the arrival of an Apple iTV. Munster said that the device would not only be the first TV company, but would also be connected to the entire iOS ecosystem. Three years passed, and Apple gave no indication of being close. For now, only the set-top box Apple TV is part of the company's catalog.


8) 4.8-inch iPhone, codename "iPhone Math"

Shortly before the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, the China Times said that Apple also make available a version of the 4.8-inch smartphone, dubbed "iPhone Math". Despite recent rumors indicate that the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7-inch version, is very unlikely to receive an iPhone this codename.

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9) iPad Mini gold with Touch ID

With the iPhone 5S offered for sale, the Chinese website DoNews released images of a supposed iPad Mini gold, together with the biometric reader Touch ID. To the misfortune of many, the image was false.


10) End of the iPod Classic

The iPod Classic, Apple literally a classic, was the target of several sites in the past year. They all replied a news article from Wired that said the remainder with the click wheel model would be discontinued in late 2013. Nevertheless, the product is still available in Apple's catalog.


11) iPhone 5C would cost between $400-500

Despite being one of the most trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities of, erred badly in the past year. According to research done by Kuo in August, the iPhone 5C would cost between $400-500 and would be launched in China in the third quarter of 2013. Nevertheless, the smartphone started at $ 549 (unlocked) and $735 in China . Moreover, the gadget debuted in China only in early 2014.


12) Cover-Keyboard for iPad

Even with several patent applications in the queue, Apple still does not have a cover-keyboard for the iPad. Last year, thanks to the invitation sent to journalists on the iPad launches on October 22, a company employee thought that would change. "We do not cover everything," said the invitation. The employee then spread a rumor that Apple would release the inspired cover of Microsoft Surface for the accessory.

However, in October Apple released the iPad Air and the iPad Mini, both without any cover-keyboard. As a solution to the problem, some companies have created covers for the iPad, however, unofficial.




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