3 Ways To Access Chrome Pages Faster

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers with amazing user experience and security. Though it is quite fast and reliable still it doesn’t have any fast access to extensions unlike Firefox. You can just press ctrl+shift+A and about:addons page opens up in a new tab in Firefox but for chrome you will have to go through ‘Tools’ menu to reach extensions. There is no fast access to other pages also like settings, history and help so here are three ways which you can use to gain fast access to these pages.

Use Extension

You can get an extension for every page to access them fast; this is the most easy and fast way. All extensions will be available near URL bar from where you could access the required page. You can get an all-in-one extension like Mega Button which will control all of your pages and provide access to them in one place.

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Use Hotkeys

Yes, chrome doesn’t have much access through hotkeys like Firefox but you can get that feature with the help of an extension. Shortcut Manager is a good and also quite popular extension to take care of this. With this you can add shortcuts to the pages you want to access by going to Open My Favorite Page in the new tab. You can add shortcuts to as many pages as you want to access but the only problem is it doesn’t work on New Tab Page and Chrome Web Store pages.

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Bookmark pages

You can also bookmark the pages you use frequently to access them easily. The good thing with this is you can also bookmark new tab page and Chrome Web Store pages to access fast. The problem is you need to keep bookmark bar visible for fast access if you keep it hidden then you will have to press ctrl+shift+B first to make it visible. It’s a good solution if you keep your bookmark bar visible all the time.  

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