5 Tips to Remove Scratches From Your Smartphone Screen

The possibility of scratches on the screen of the smartphone is a real danger to which we are all subjected. Even with the use of advanced technologies such as Gorilla Glass or smaller solutions as films or protective cases, the scratches always end up happening, either by carelessness in the use, or simple forgetfulness performance of Murphy's Law.

In most cases, the only solution to the problem is the changing of the display surface, which in some cases can leave as expensive as buying a new appliance. And yet, the danger exists. Or learn to live with them, or else go crazy.

We all may have suffered this evil problem, We have compiled a list of some home remedies that may not even solve the risks, but they can hide those less deep or trick our brain for awhile. In all cases, methods that are cheaper to replace the display. It costs nothing to try, since, after all, your screen is already scratched.

The things which you can try on your scratched smart phone are:


Some people use personal care product for polishing jewelry or relieve the pain of burns. Here, it can be used to hide scratches on the screen. Just use a cotton swab or soft cloth, add small dot of toothpaste and rub a little.

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Gently rub the product on the screen in a circular motion and see if the risks are disappearing or at least decreasing in size. Then wipe the screen with a slightly damp cloth or baby wipes, also with care and attention.




The idea of ​​sanding what is already scratched may seem odd, and it is. So be very careful when using this method, selecting the least abrasive material types and rubbing with extreme care so as not to cause more damage than those you're trying to fix.

This is a solution mainly for the sides and edges of the devices, which falls in, can crack or break pointy or sharp. Thus, the sanding serves more to ensure that the user does not get hurt and that the use of the device back to be comfortable, even under penalty of a little more than scratches.

Baking Soda Or Talcum Powder

The procedure is basically the same as the toothpaste. Make a paste with two parts baking or talcum powder to one part water and mix until they form a homogeneous solution. Following, use a soft cloth with a little of the product and pass gently on your handset screen, always in circular movements.

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The solution with talc will work a little better than the toothpaste, removing some of the lightest and risks to leaving the brighter surface.


Vegetable oil

Here, the solution is reportedly temporary. The cooking oil serves to hide the scratches on the screen for a few hours or days. Just use a soft cloth and a few drops of the oil to smear the surface of your smartphone and instantly observe the results.


Polish for jewelry and cars

This is an alternative such as "use at your own risk." Polish for cars and jewelry may seem like a good alternative to remove scratches from the screen of smartphones, but are also highly abrasive and may end up removing the protections of the display, leaving them even more subject to future risks.

The procedure is basically the same for all other tips: Use a very soft rag and a small amount of product. Pass in circular and fairly gentle movements, generating results that can be observed immediately.


If you were successful removing the scratches of your screen then leave a comment below.


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