Receive money from abroad via EFT wire transfer in ICICI bank

ICICI bank and other banks offer receiving money online using EFT wire transfer by providing Account Number, IFSC code and Swift code.

Recently, AdSense has launched EFT wire transfer options for Indian Publishers to receive payments directly to bank account. As I am a satisfied customer of ICICI bank, I called up ICICI customer care to get the details for receiving payment online.

To receive EFT wire transfer payment from abroad you must know details like Account Number in bank, IFSC code of bank (recognized in India), and important Swift code (recognized across globe).

As a Bank customer, you know your account number in bank. Else you can check it on your passbook or even on your online netbank log in.

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For IFSC code and Swift code visit your home branch and get the details.

In my case I directly called customer care and asked them to provide me with IFSC code and Swift code of my ICICI home branch. Customer care are very helpful and answered me in no time.

I came to know that, Swift code for any ICICI branch across India is ICICINBBNRI. So you can use this One Swift code for receiving EFT wire transfer in ICICI bank account.

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