How to access Facebook chat on desktop?

How to access Facebook chat on desktop?
 Facebook Chat
Facebook Chat @ Desktop– Here is another amazing application for using facebook chat on desktop. Advanced GUI features are used in this application. Like Chitchat, this application also notifies you when you got a new msg.
Meebo– After three most amazing applications here comes the forth one. This is also an unique one of it’s genre. It connects you with Yahoo messenger, MSN, Facebook chat and lots more.
Digsby– Here come another instant messaging application for your desktop. This application connects you with MSN, Facebook chat and etc.
Adium– Another amazing messaging application is there named “Adium”. This application is specially designed for MAC OS X users.    
Pigdin– Last but not the least, here comes another famous name in the messaging world “Pigdin”. This application is an impressive one. No connection issues had occurred so far with this application. It is a very nice application to use in your desktop.
The list does not ends here, but the above applications are some selected best applications for facebook chatting on your desktop. Hopefully this article has provided you some beneficial information about facebook chat on desktop.
Then why are you guys waiting? Just install any of the above application and enjoy chatting with your facebook friends on desktop. While being in office or at home you can use these applications without logging in to your facebook account.
I hope that this trick would help you to access Facebook chat on desktop.

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