Access all your Google Photos from Google Drive

Access Google Photos from Drive
Now you can access all your uploaded Google Photos from Google Drive on one click with new feature added into Google Drive.

Google has recently started Google Photos that allows you to upload unlimited photos. Even these photos can be edited and there can be lot more done with these photos using Google Photos.

Now Google has come up with an addition feature to provide access to Google Photos from Google Drive. There is no special settings need to be done. This new Google Photos folder will be appearing in Google Drive login automatically.

All the photos that are uploaded using Google Photos can be seen in Drive. I will be checking have checked the vice versa option that when photos are uploaded in Drive whether will be appearing in Photos or not, and they will not. Any uploaded photo in Google Drive Photos folder will not be uploaded, but they will remain in folder as normal upload.

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Hence, only way is to upload in Google Photos and get them synced to Drive as well.

Note and Conclusion:

Good to go with Google, I guess they will be pretty tough competition for existing well established photo storage sites like Flickr, 500px and other.

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