How to: Add Music Controls Anywhere in iOS 7

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Many of you know and use Control Center for controlling music player in iOS 7. But the built-in feature of iOS 7 doesn't provide you advance controls but there is a tweak called Musiex which can give you advance controls .

Additionaly, you can add a small panel to control music playback. After installing Musiex, you will need to choose an activation method. This tweak works with Activator and can be assigned to any gesture or activation-method. The new panel is displayed in the top of the screen has two pages, which can be switched by a horizontal swipe.

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In the first part of the panel is a cover of the track, its title, artist name, and the slider to adjust track. In the second part there is repeat button, a button to go to the next or previous track, and pause button, and shuffle button.


In the settings you can turn off Musiex covers, deactivate the Notification Center when open the player and change the way the transition between songs. Instead of buttons may be used for this swipe. Separate unit allows you to customize the appearance of the panel. In addition to black and white options, it is possible to manually adjust the color and transparency of the controls. All configuration changes do not require you to respring device.

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Download Musiex from BigBoss repository for $ 0.99.

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