Securely add notes online in Google Keep using Android app

Google Keep Desktop
Now save your simple text online securely in your Google Keep Account with secured password and also add notes using Android app for free

Now you can instantly save your important notes online using Google Keep. This may be substitute for Evernote, OneNote and other online noting websites.

You can login to your Google Keep using your existing Google accounts. You can even access it through your Android device using app.

Everything you note in you Android device is automatically and instantly synchronize on to desktop versions which make is useful so access your notes on both laptops and mobile.

Here are some of the features of Google Keep:

Simple Notes:

Add simple notes using Google Keep, you can add all the symbols notations, even you can use it as a password management online store. Google Keep is a part of Google Drive whose storage space is about 5GB. So you have options to save any thing up-to 5GB of storage.

List Keep:

You can list out the things to do in Google Keep, check and un-check completed task so that you can track all your stuff.

Google Keep List

Google Keep List

Audio Keep:

Record Audio and add it in your notes, listen to it. Google Keep support speak to write text. Just dictate lines you want to write down and save it successfully. You can listen to the audio or read the text written in keep.

Video Keep:

You can record video and add it along with text note. Just click on the Video Icon, record the desire video and add it into your Keep. You can play this video and watch it even download it.

Desktop Access:

Google Keep Desktop Version

Google Keep Desktop Version

After adding notes into your Android device using Google Keep, you can access it through your desktops and edit it. Desktop synchronization is very instant and fast. You can add notes even through desktop and access it through your device.

Share and Archive:

You can share note in text file to your friends and family using all sharing option in Android phone. Using WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Dropbox, etc. and all other sharing stuff.

You can archive old files if you don’t want to see that file on main page. Just swipe it on the screes and then it will be archived.

So add your important text document in Google Keep secured with password. Google Keep can be used as password management application. But make sure that your Google have strong password.

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