Add website or App property in Google Webmaster Tool

Creating new Property in Google Webmaster Tool is used to track search performance of any new website, blog or Android app in Search Engine.

Google Webmaster tool is a great online tool to track and check the performance of your website or blog or even Android App in Google search engine. To track performance we need to add the website or app using new Property and get it verified.

Adding a website is simple, all you need is to sign up or sing in to Google Webmaster Tools using existing Google account. Google Webmaster Tools is free to use and track search performance.

adding new property to webmaster tools

adding new property to webmaster tools

Now here is guide for adding and getting you website property verified with Webmaster Tools.

  1. Sign in to Google Account or Sign up for new account.
  2. Go to Webmaster Tools and click on Sign in.
  3. In right side of dashboard screen, you will see ADD A PROPERTY button (above screenshot).
  4. Click to add new Property (Either Website or Android App*).
  5. Enter the Website URL in pop-up and click on Continue button.
  6. Next step would be Verifying ownership of website using any one of different methods.
  7. Once you have verified your website, your new website appear in Webmaster Tools Dashboard.
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*We will be covering Android App property addition in different article.

Note and Conclusion:

Adding the website or blog to Webmaster Tools is not enough for getting index in Google. There are few more settings like submitting XML Sitemap file or fetching web pages that need to be completed for getting your new articles or pages appear in search result.

We will be writing more articles and Guide on Google Webmaster Tools. Stay tuned with us and also let us know if any help or query regarding Webmaster Tools.

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