Setting Akismet for Spam protection on WordPress

WordPress is very prone to spam comments and to protect your blog from these spammer WP has plugin name Akismet use for detecting spam.

My fresh BeingBlog WordPress installation came with a wonderful plugin called Akismet. This plugin reduces a lot of effort on comment moderation and removing spam comments automatically.

There were other plugins too like Hello Dolly and Jetpack which came along with newly installed WordPress, but I removed them completely as I won’t be using them on BeingBlog. I have also written a complete WordPress Setting guide after new installation which I had done on BeingBlog.

How Akismet works?

Akismet is WordPress plugin developed by Automattic Inc (developers of WordPress). It uses WordPress API to control spam comments that are already reported the WordPress users in past.

Every new comment with Email ID and comment content is passed through a spam checker of Akismet which will try to match the list available with it. If they found any email ID or link that was marked as spam then that comment will be moved to spam folder or may be deleted permanently without notice of WordPress Admin. Hence this will help and reduce effort for comment moderation by Admin’s.

You can also marked any comment as spam so that in future any comments are received to any WordPress user using spamed email ID will be automatically deleted. Hence, it help you as well as fellow bloggers.

How to setup Akismet?

Setting up Akismet need a API key which can be availed by using account. Akismet API is free for personal use. For business, you many need to go for Pro account.

Here are steps for Akismet:

  • Install and activate Akismet plugin from WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Akismet under Settings tab.
  • Hit on Get your API key — you will be redirected to
Get Akismet API Key

Get Akismet API Key

  • Login with account or sign up for new account for free.
Signup Login WordPress for Akismet

Signup Login WordPress for Akismet

  • Authorize Akismet to using — redirected back to your WordPress blog.
  • Enter the API and click on Save changes.
Akismet Setup Completed

Akismet Setup Completed

Now your WordPress blog is spam protected by Akismet. You can change options from putting spam comments folder to silently discard spams, if required.

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