“Cannot Update Software, Your Device has been modified”

Device software cannot be updated
Android Device is giving error on clicking update software? Pop ups "Cannot update software, your device has been modified" fix on problem

I was not able to update my device due to modification in my android by some security or antivirus app. Some of my phone app had modified basic system files or security app was restricting me to update root files with new OTA update.

Hence, After lot of search on internet and finally got few solutions to cannot update software problem. As I said Android apps had modified my some basic files so my work was to disable all my apps for awhile till software up-gradation is completed successfully. Disabling any blocking like Antivirus or Security app would allow access  my root files to get modify with new updates.

To temporary disable all the installed apps without removing them, I just restarted my device in Safe Mode. What is safe mode ? Safe mode implicates that all, apps which you have installed except product manufacturer (like Samsung, HTC, etc.) default apps will be disabled.

Device software cannot be updated

Device software cannot be updated

Once I booted my device in Safe mode, all my manually installed apps to got de-activated temporary causing no distraction in Android software upgrade.

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How to Switch to Safe Mode in Android?

Switching to safe mode is lot easier, just follow the steps given below:

Step #1: Power off your mobile.

Step#2: Keep device off for more than 5 seconds.

Step #3: Now hold power button and lower volume button (minimize or low volume button) till device is starts and shows Safe Mode below screen.

Step #4: Device is now in successfully on Safe Mode.

How to check for updates?

Once you have enable the safe mode now you can go to update center of Android device and start downloading updates. Settings > About > Software Update > click to start Update.

Your problem of “Cannot Update Software, Your Device has been modified” will no longer occur.

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Another Method to fix software update:

If first method is not successful, you can try another method to solve this problem, just un-mount your external SD card from device, restart device and check for updates.

If your problem is resolved or still un-resolved please do comment below and share your experience. We would love to here you. Cheers !!

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17 Responses

  1. Asad says:

    My device is note root but i cannot update my device from both ways what is the third method and i don’t want to root my device

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I’ve got a used note 3 and I don’t think it’s rooted but when I try to update it, it says “your device has been modified” and device status is custom. Could someone help me please? I would much appreciate it, thank you.

  3. Ivan says:

    I rooted my s4 and then i receive notification about software updates over OTA. So i unroot my phone using kingoroot but my device status is still custom and cant update my device.

  4. Saleem Shaik says:

    I have Samsung ace 3 mobile I rooted it for next day I un rooted it my problem is your mobile device has modified update are not available how to solve it plz tell me

  5. Jack says:

    By right, i would like to change back to software official. How to do that. please help!

  6. Art says:

    my phone’s status is “costume”. I have bought my galaxy note 3 for only 2 months and it has never been rooted. I did all that you have recommended, safe mode and the SD card removed, I also wiped cache partition. The error message still appears and I can’t update my phone.

  7. Samridhi says:

    I tried following both the methods but none worked. I have note 3 which I got unlocked in India. What should I do ?

  8. Jayaraj Philip says:

    Go get update, you need to un-root your device again with factory version.???

    I rooted my phone how to get rid of this problem friend….

  9. anand says:

    I removed sd card and reboot, still not done. And i done hard reset also. Then also i not got update.

  10. Saianilsahu says:

    Hello I am using Sony xperia z2 d6502 my phone software is modified for which i cant able to update my phone and one big problem is there my camera autofocus is stop working pics are clicked blur..plz help me specially for camera problem i wnt my camera back

  11. baliqys says:

    I tried all the above but it still failed

  12. vince says:

    i tried to press the power bottn PLUS down volume button then i press up volume botton then he is downloading is that correct or wht..

  13. aman says:

    My samsung a5 does not update to 4.4.4 to lolipop becaus i rooted my phone i have try all methods but problem still plz give me other suggestion plz ……

  14. Arka says:

    Tried both methods mentioned in this page but getting same message “your device has been modified…”.
    please help me to get updates for Model: SAMSUNG CORE GT-i8262

  15. gokul says:

    I tried both methods on my samsung galaxy s4 but in vain!

  16. laurence says:

    I have samsung s3 can’t update co’z my device modify how can solve it

  17. afni says:

    hello there.thanks for da info.i’ve tried the method that you gave but the result is still the same.it keep telling my device have been modified.what should i do…..please help

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