Enable Android screen and camera flash as torch light

Flash Light
Enable your Android device LED screen and camera flash as a torch light in dark, just a one click. Even use it in different colors you wish.

It is said that Android user don’t have the torch light like it is in Nokia phones. But now you can use even your Android device screen and flash light as torch light.


You can find this app on Google Play for free, search “Flash light” in Google Play and it will download and install in to your device.

Some of the Android user don’t have camera flash light, so this Apps is useful for them to make use there LED screen as torch light. Take a look of it in right side.

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Apart from using camera flash, you can use multiple colors on the screen as torch. You can turn it to the color you want.

There are also options to change the brightness of torch light. Just movement of your finger touch in vertical axis on the screen may change the luminosity of screen.

Here are some of the options available on this App:

Flash Light Various options

#1 Camera Flash

#2 Screen Light

#3 Color Screen Light

#4 Camera one time flash light

#5 Warning Light on screen

#6 Police Light

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