Screenshot of Android by swiping palm on screen

Samsung Motion Palm Swipe
Take a quick screenshot of Android phone by just swiping your palm on screen and also edit the changes if needed and share with your friends

Android phone had added new feature of taking screenshot in its 4.1 and above version to take a screenshot just by swiping palm on the screen. To take screenshot just place you palm on one end and swipe on the screen, and its done.

You also get option to edit the screenshot by directly writing over it using various tools and text box and also undo all the changes made on it.

Here is detail about taking screenshot, its very easy and simple, just put your one end of your palm on the screen and swipe it over the screen as you are cleaning screen. This will automatically takes the snapshot of the background and provide options for editing.

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Note: Only edited changes can be undone but not the actual snapshot.

You have options to rotate, write, add text,  rub, tools on the same panel. You can use different colors to edit just bye drawing over it.

Right now I am typing this text on Android phone I will take snapshot of it.

Note and Conclusion:

I hope you are able to take the screenshot too. If not please write us in below comment box, we are happy to help you.

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