Android vs. iPhone – The Clash Continues

One of the most on-going technological clashes is that between an Android operating system and the iOS.

One of the most on-going technological clashes is that between an Android operating system and the iOS. While the former has more than a few phones supporting it, there is only one, the exclusive iPhone that supports the iOS.


If it is a race of popularity, Android might weigh heavy on the balance against iPhone. But when it comes to class, Android smart phones can only come as far as close to the iPhone standards. The Apple phone did not only bring revolutionary prominence to the touch-screen technology. It brought the element of ‘classy’ to the use of smart phones. And of course this ‘class’ did not only come from its physical hardware, but most of its highlight is owed to the brilliance executed in its operating system- the iOS.

The Apple operating system might not have a wide range of widget availability when it comes to customizable user interface. Also the Android app market has the benefit of larger number of developers. So when it comes to a free experience for the user, an Android user will be able to experience most of the Android-style without paying the lowest possible fees of $0.99. As for the Apple user, he might have to buy a common app like WhatsApp at a certain price as well. Any app that is costly in the apple market often exists in a similar form, and yet for free.

The difference also comes where iPhone and the iOS is one company and Android is supported by almost every other smart phone company. Although Samsung takes the lead as yet in the Android supporting phones, more competition is on its way. Samsung, with all its build and functionalities plays a vital role in lifting up the impression of Android. Supporting themes and customization, it gives way to a whole new side of the application market with hundreds of applications inclined towards providing customers with enjoyable views of their cell phones.

However all this is not possible with iPhone. The maximum that one gets around to changing the appearance of the iOS is by setting images on lock and home screens. Nothing more, nothing less. It seems as though Apple did not want the customers to ‘mess’ with their carefully designed look of their operating system. And they succeeded.

With the advent of iPhone 5, however, Apple seekers did get to see some ‘color’. Where many argue that this killed the amazing class upheld by Apple until now, customers have also showed an amazing interest in the colored iPhones. But unless the iOS does not allow the user to even rearrange the appearance of icons on the home screen, what difference would a pink iPhone make.

Given all this, Android and iOS both find love where there are buyers. Both continue to thrive as well as struggle to stay on top. A thing lacking on one’s part is compensated by a remarkable addition to the operating system. Thus both continue to please smart phone users and make their lives revolve around a handheld gadget.

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