Apps for Android that you should try if you are a student

Make the learning fun and easy with this list of Android apps for students who totally change the way you learn.

In my time going to class was synonymous with going with pencil and notebook.Fortunately, today, you can accomplish almost anything using your mobile phone or electronic tablet and that is why these devices have become indispensable tools for any student . To get more out of your mobile device with Android , here is a list of free apps that will make your student life a little bit more enjoyable than it is right now.

To be more organized

Class Schedule

Who does not remember class schedules coming on the back of the books. With this application now your class schedule will be on your Android phone. It has a very intuitive interface that makes using it simple and comfortable. It works just like a regular class schedule but allows for extra features such as adding little notes to each class. With this widget you can install your schedule always in sight.


An application class schedule noted for its beautiful interface . You can synchronize your schedule, assignments and tests on all your Android devices.View information by the day or week and notifications will remind the tasks that must be performed. It also has widget.


Student Agenda

Student Agenda is an application developed for students by students , in order to maintain better organized your academic agenda. Among its main features are simplicity, programming and notification of events (jobs, tasks, returning books to the library, etc.), calendar and notes management.

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Nice, simple and reliable.This planning application for students, which unfortunately is described in English only good thing is that the menus and options are very intuitive and you can use it without problem. Provides a task organizer, class schedule, calendar widget, but you create an account on the website of the application, with that you can access the synchronization of tasks across multiple devices, reminders, themes and free navigation of advertising.

My Homework

To take notes

Bamboo Paper

This application turns your tablet into a wonderful scrapbook in which you can not only write text but also directly sketching and drawing mind maps, graphs, presentations, maps and much more , while you are in class. It has support for sharing your notes between iOS and Windows without loss of quality.You can also add pictures and share your creations on various cloud services and social networks.


To avoid having to write all your notes, you can use your mobile camera and capture images to transform them into beautiful visual notes . No matter if you do not focus either the board or slide, ArcNote will handle all your photos automatically, so you do not miss any important detail.

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Other useful resources

RAE dictionary

To write correctly, knowing where to place accents, some basic rules of grammar, verb conjugation, among other things. This is a basic application for any student and in general, anyone should have installed on your phone and use daily.

Periodic Table

My biggest secondary trauma was having to learn the complete periodic table: 118 items, its symbol, atomic number and who knows what else. Luckily, there are applications like this, which provide you the information you need in a quick and fun way today.

Periodic Table

MyScript Calculator

MyScript can perform mathematical operations naturally through writing “by hand”, converting symbols and numbers to digital text and providing the results in real time. The application supports gestures to perform certain functions such as delete to delete unwanted text and identify key mathematical operators.

A “style app Yahoo Answers”, that is how they have defined Brainly repeatedly. It is a platform to ask questions about anything . Students suits them to answer questions about their tasks in minutes.

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