Best Email Marketing tricks to get the right kind of subscribers

Email Subscribers
Getting email subscriber has become hard due to the larger number of spammers. But following these tips to get real readers for the lifetime.

Is your blog popular? Have you reached 10,000 subscribers? Are 10,000 subscribers really necessary?

Well, we all know, most people in your website (or the world) are freeloaders, and hence with larger number of subscribers your website (or blog) might not be able to do that well.

Now the world is not filled with leeches. There are genuine people. And you want these people as your audience.

In fact, there are cases where websites with a few hundred dedicated customers outperformed websites having thousands of subscribers.

So, now the question is – how to attract such audience? How to get the right kind of subscribers?

Well there are plenty of ways but we will discuss- as the title suggests- email marketing tips and tricks that had worked for thousands of website owners and will work for you too:

  • An interactive submit button

There is news of a marketer who used an interactive submit button. It is passively red but turns green when a mouse hovers. Normal theory is that people will associate the colors with red=stop and green=go.

Surprising this act worked and there was a 40% increase in subscription test.

So give importance not just on what you write, but how you color it!

  • Make it easy as possible to enter personal details like Email

There are some forms on the internet that come filled in with instructions like what to write.

Now these texts- in many forms- stay put and the user has to manual, erase it and enter their own detail.

You can by-pass this by providing a little code that will make the text disappear the moment it is clicked.

  • Invite people through social networks

Social networking is a great place to become popular. Most of your potential subscribers are there. Post ads about your site there. If you get some subscribers your likely to get some of their friends as well.

Suppose with Facebook’s latest API you can post newsletters directly to your fans pages. This will give non-subscribers a glimpse of what they might get a subscription to your site.

  • Let the users be in control of what they receive

Sometimes a guy can be in a bad mood. They might also be expecting an email that very moment. Suppose they open their email account and find that the entire Inbox is congested and filled with Newsletters from YOU.

One valuable subscriber of yours just might unsubscribe that way.

Give your subscriber the ability to choose how to (if not at all) receive your Email Newsletters.

  • Offer special deals to new subscribers

People like special deals nowadays. Frankly the like the word “special”. Even if it is an ordinary deal, just claim it to be “special” and there will be curious people.

So just increase your domain of potential subscribers by mentioning that new subscriptions get something special -perhaps an eBook. People nowadays adore read a lot of eBooks with so many portable devices available in the market.

Conclusion and Note:

So these are some tips and tricks to get more subscribers onto your site. Try them out and do tell us how your subscription rate improved.

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