– Best Day and Time to book Indian Rail ticket

irctc can't handle maximum number of users at it peak load time, so it is better to see for other time and day to book ticket is online ticket booking used for booking Indian Railway tickets. But, most of time this site is very very slow to response the user request or server down problem. As lot of people access this site to book the tickets most of the time it is down in peak hours.

This site is also not available daily from 23:30 hours to 00:30 hours in mid night due to maintenance working time. After that you have to clear the browsing cache to see the working site.

TipTo clear cache of browser use CRLT + F5, this will reload the fresh content from the site not from the browser.

So here is some of tips you can use for booking tickets on IRCTC:

Tip #1: Timing to Book General Tickets from IRCTC (i.e Non- Tatkal)

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Generally, avoid to book General (Non-Tatkal) Tickets in peak hours, from 9:30 morning to 12:00 noon. Because at this time there are lot of users who are booking for there Tatkal Tickets. So this is peak hour and most of the time you will find the server responding too slow or server down problem.

Also avoid to book tickets after 6pm to 10pm where maximum people from the working group will try to access the IRCTC to plan there schedule. Here also you will find some problem while booking.

Tip #2: Day of week to Book the General Tickets

Most of the people book tickets on 1-2 days before the holidays. So always avoid to book tickets on Friday’s and Saturday’s of the week days. If you feel that you want to go well before then plan booking on 4-5 days before so that you can book it on Monday’s to Thursdays.

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Tips #3: During festival seasons

It is better you plan it before 2-3 weeks before the festival seasons, specially during the Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, and other big festivals. On time tatkal booking might not help you out during festival season, if you got it, then you are very lucky person.

Generally people prefer to have tatkal booking via some brokers or agents who will charge you more then the actual cost of tickets during festivals. So go before and plan before for the booking.

Tips #4: Tatkal Booking from IRCTC

Sorry ! This tips will be added as seperate article in few days.

Hope you got the timings and days to book the Train Tickets.

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