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If you have chosen niche topic and suitable domain name for your new online business or blog. Next big step would be hosting it online on web server. Web hosting can be located anywhere depend on your requirement. Say suppose if you live in UK and you need a web server based in US, then you can get a US web server.

Web hosting are categories in four major type depends on requirements:

  1. Shared Hosting Server
  2. Virtual Private Server (know as VPS)
  3. Dedicated Hosting Server

Let get into depth about each servers details, pros-cons and best suggested server in that particular category.

Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting

Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting

Shared Hosting Server:

Shared Hosting is a basic and low cost hosting server were one huge web host box with high configuration is shared with multiple accounts (few hundreds to thousand). It is good for low budget startups or for basic level users and learners.

Pros of Shared Hosting:

  1. Low cost price and renewal rates.
  2. Free Domain Name and Email hosting.
  3. CPanel access.
  4. Good for learning and experimentation.

Cons of Shared Hosting:

  1. Due to shared resource, most of time you might face lack of resources during peak hours.
  2. If one site is hacked then complete web host box is compromised.
  3. Limited Bandwidth and Hosting Space
  4. Not fully controlled
  5. Shared IP Address

Suggested Shared Hosting: 

Best shared web hosting would be [eafl id=118 name=”BlueHost” text=”BlueHost Shared Hosting”] (highly suggested), [eafl id=117 name=”HostGator” text=”HostGator”] or [eafl id=116 name=”DreamHost” text=”DreamHost”].

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Virtual Private Server (Recommended):

Virtual Private Servers hosting also famously known as VPS are just a level about the Shared Hosting Server. In VPS, the huge server is divided into few slots and each slot act as a VPS machine. There might be about 7 to 10 VPS in one dedicated server. Price of Virtual Private Server is reasonably high compared to shared server but lower than Dedicated Servers.

Pros of Virtual Private Server Hosting:

  1. Few pros mentioned in Shared Servers except pricing.
  2. A dedicated amount of RAM is provided.
  3. A dedicated amount of Space is available.
  4. Can host multiple websites.
  5. Has capacity to handle peak load on server.
  6. Can have one single dedicated IP address.
  7. CPanel Access and control.
  8. Good for hosting any business websites or great blogs with decent traffic.
  9. More resistant to hack and downtime.

Cons of Virtual Private Server Hosting:

  1. Costly compared to Shared Server.
  2. Have to pay additional fee for dedicated IP address (some hosting).
  3. Less scalable but its OK if you got good VPS with great configuration.

Suggested Virtual Private Server Hosting:

We have used few of Virtual Private Server hosting provider but best of them were [eafl id=116 name=”DreamHost” text=”DreamHost”] and [eafl id=118 name=”BlueHost” text=”BlueHost Shared Hosting”].

Dedicated Hosting Server:

If you are planning for very big online business and expected millions of online visitors per day then definitely Dedicated Web Hosting servers is what you need to be chosen. In dedicated, a web server is built based on your request or you might choose from existing plans. These are generally used by eCommerce website, banks, news sites and other heavily used web on daily basis.

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Pros of Dedicated Hosting:

  1. All pros of Virtual Private Server.
  2. Multiple IP address based upon need.
  3. Full control over web server.
  4. Root access.

Cons of Dedicated Hosting:

  1. Most costly web server.
  2. Need web admins to Handle.
  3. Need enough knowledge about web servers.

Suggested Dedicated Hosting:

We have never used dedicated web hosting service, but based online research and users ratings we got to know that [eafl id=113 name=”Baltic Servers” text=”Baltic Servers”] and [eafl id=283 name=”SiteGround” text=”SiteGround”] considered to be best Dedicated Hosting.

Note and Conclusion:

Based on your plans and requirements, you might got a clear idea about which web hosting server is best of your business or new blog. I would always suggest to go with either a VPS or Cloud Hosting which are more or less similar.

If you have have questions or doubt in choosing a server, please feel free to comment below with your requirement. We would be very happy to hear you and suggest you the best. Thank you.

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