Mistakes people usually make while using Google Plus

Google Plus
These are the mistakes people usually make on Google plus resulting in disabling of G+ features and even suspension of Google account.

I prefer Google plus over Facebook. Actually, I don’t understand Facebook. I think Google Plus is one of best social network catering for the needs of small businesses.  It is great place to share and communicate using photos, videos, links and polls. And with Google+ comes Communities.

People usually don’t read the rules & policies of Google Plus and its communities and even if they do they don’t follow them.

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Biggest mistake people make is they share same content to several communities. Google+ filters are intelligent enough to track such activity and mark you as spam, which results in restricting your post visibility in communities. The content you share in community is even displayed to public on your profile. So just think having similar post number of times on your profile, it looks bit crappy and practically it is irritating.

Another mistake people make is always sharing links from a particular website (especially commercial one) with communities. Google hates such practices.

Also do not share a lot at once in communities, share only few contents and keep a gap of around 2 hours. Do not share anything not related to community (especially nudity) or else your post will be deleted by moderator and may be reported abusive causing further problems.

If you continue any such inadvertence you will face restrictions from Google which includes disabling some or all of your G+ features. You will be banned from joining and posting in communities and in extreme cases your Google Plus and other Google services will be suspended.

So, share sensibly. I myself post only a couple of content at a time in communities.

So, next time you decide to share the same post to a mass of communities, just have a second thought.

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