BrainWars: train your brain and compete with users around the world

With this application you do not need to be knowledge expert, BrainWars is a game to train your brain and compete with users around the world thanks to their nonverbal language that allows removing physical, cultural and language barriers.

Honestly I have never been in favor of video games that promote violence, much less, of which you get points for every homicide or murder done-and I know, I’m a spoilsport. Rather I like games that can teach you something new, however minimal.

In this sense, there are games that are proven, can help stimulate certain areas of the brain or develop certain skills in users that use them.

In May this year, the Japanese company Translimit launched BrainWars. This is an application available for iOS and Android that seven months after its launch and has more than 700 million downloads in 150 different countries and 8 different languages​​, anticipating the addition of four more languages ​​soon.

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Brainwars minigames

The interesting thing about this application is that it has an overall sense that the language and culture, do not limit the interaction of users from around the world, as it uses a form of nonverbal communication that is universal for anyone. For example, the buttons that are often accompanied by text, were replaced by icons that were easy to understand by anyone, no matter where it was found.

BrainWars is a game that besides train your brain through the challenges and tests proposed, also functions as a social application in which you interact and compete with other users for the top position in the tables. The rules are simple: make the mental exercises to compete with other users, get the best jobs in the world ranking, challenge your friends and increase your brain.

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Competition in real time with users from around the world to measure your mental skills and look like the smartest. Each game consists of three mini-games from any of four different areas: memory, speed, calculation and observation. The performance in each round, improves with practice, which will be reflected in the statistics of the game. So the more you play, the better your results.

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