Google’s Project ARA – build your own smartphone

Project ARA modular smartphone
Build your own customized modular smartphone with Google ARA. Add features and specifications of your own choice.

Google’s Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group, is making an open, modular smartphone platform called project Ara. What is project Ara ? Instead of buying a phone which could damage within months, Ara aims at modular design i.e when a part of phone gets old or better version makes an entry you can change components for new one. project Ara an initiative by Google aims at creating an open hardware platform for creating highly Modular Smartphones.

A modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components (alternatively called Bloks) that can be independently upgraded or replaced. You can literally build your own smartphone and customize it according to your need. You can choose display,camera, battery etc of your own choice. If you don’t like some feature, then no problem you can change it. Google says the device is designed to be utilized by “6 billion people” including 1 billion current smartphone users and 1 billion feature phone users.

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Project Ara is an ultimate form of customization, where you can pick the components of your choice, select the color and visual design for your smartphone, location and power of your camera etc.

According to the reports, the smartphones will be formed from square or rectangular modules or bloks, modules could be replaced or relocated according to need. For example, you can change the camera location from top right to center mid position by displacing camera blok.

This is first public photo taken from ARA phone:

First public photo from Ara phone.

First public photo from Ara phone.

Note and Conclusion:

Modular smartphones will be extremely cost effective, customizable and will reflect your interest on device as you choose your own features that suites you best.

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