Canonical announces Ubuntu Core Snappy, What is it?

Joined a new flavor to the family of Ubuntu,its name is Snappy and is a special edition of Ubuntu Core (a minimalist version of Ubuntu). What catches the attention of this new edition is that neither aptitude nor debs packages but “snappy” is not used.

Snappy Ubuntu Core is an adaptation of the system “click packaging” (a simplified way to create packages for Ubuntu) that Canonical has been developing in Ubuntu Phone. A snappy package is characterized by a simple tarball that contains all the files needed for the application without a directory structure imposed and a metadata file that contains the package name, version and the path to the binaries.

What if all instances in the cloud could be updated with the same precision with which they do on your mobile phone? What if the applications were isolated from each other so that an application could not break another? […] When we decided to develop Ubuntu Phone we decided we were going to raise the bar in terms of security in the mobile market. Today, that same technology comes to the cloud as a new image of Ubuntu Core called “Snappy”.
– Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical Ltd.

Transactional updates


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Updates are transactional (based on image), it means that an update may succeed or fail completely without mincing words. Before each update, snappy backs up the data and if the update fails restores of so that the system is never in a broken or incomplete state. An update process happens automatically reversing the changes if required.

The snappy system and applications are confined by the security system AppArmor , whose function is to keep every part of Ubuntu isolated with read-only permissions. This ensures that each application is separate from the others, similar to what Canonical is doing in Ubuntu Phone.

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The purpose of this project is to provide faster, more reliable and updates so sure.The first snappy package to be launched will Docker, an example of transactional application delivery. For now, we find this snappy editing Ubuntu Core in Microsoft Azure, but we can try locally using KVM . Note that for now it is in beta state.

Do you think this system will be seen soon in the desktop edition of Ubuntu?

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