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Removu : Remote viewer for GoPro

Removu is a remote viewer for GoPro camera that connects via WiFi to transmit images streaming. Additionally, you can remotely control the camera.

The most versatile code editors

If you write code in many programming languages,you ​​do not need a specialist for each editor. I show you some of the most versatile code editors.

Play games in your Linux OS !

Soon the games catalog Steam for Linux will reach 1000 degrees. And yet there are those who say you can not play in Linux.Check out the games.

How to Create Animated GIFs from YouTube videos with GIFYouTube

There are various tools available on the internet that allows you to create a gif directly from a YouTube video. But most of them are not so simple and intuitive to use, and require a login to be able to import the links. Considering launching a better crafted and easy to use tool, three Harvard students, who decided to leave university, created the GIF YouTube.