How to change color of Gmail to BLUE in Chrome Browser

Give a new look to your Gmail boring standard view. Turn your Gmail view into BLUE color using Gmail Blue chrome extensions.

Google has introduce the Gmail blue on 1st April 2013 but, everyone thought it as April Fool prank. But actually it was not. They really did the Gmail color as BLUE. They have not change any user interface but, provided a chrome extension after installing it into chrome it will turn the standard view of Gmail color to the Navy Blue color.

Some of the users don’t recommend to use it. There are some of the reviews on its chrome extension page for not using this. Its rating is also around 4 stars.

Here is look of Standard look of Gmail without extension usage color used here is faint brown cream color.

Gmail Standard View

Gmail Standard View

Gmail Blue is free to download it is developed by Google itself. It is as safe a normal Gmail versions but, still people around the world don’t use it for some security reasons. But if you are a funky color love,r I recommend to go for it. And try at-least once the new GMail look.

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After installation of chrome extension its color changes to Navy Blue. Which look something like this:

Gmail Blue after chrome extension

Gmail Blue after chrome extension

NoteGmail Blue will only work on Chrome Browser for all other browsers it will be same standard color.

Google Developers says that this blue is faster than the standard version, but I don’t think so. Because adding an extensions to chrome doesn’t increase application loading or surfing speed. This extension just changes the look, that it nothing else.

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Watch the Video by Gmail Blue on YouTube where the explain why the choose blue. It is some sort of funny video like.

Hope you loved it and enjoyed for a while. If you don’t want your Gmail to be Blue, then you can follow this guide to remove Gmail Blue.

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