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changing YouTube URL
YouTube has changed custom URL policy. Know how to get customized URL without fulfilling eligibility requirements to get channel URL easily.

YouTube has recently updated its policy for custom URL. It has stop giving custom URL to every register user and newly created channel to make it more anti-spam friend. So now getting YouTube Custom URL is tougher and has to complete some eligibility requirement as pre-requisite.

Check the below image where it has written “Our Custom URL system has changed.”

To create a channel custom URL, you account need to be good standing and few eligibility criterion need to fulfill as mentioned below:

  • Need 500 or more subscribers
  • Channels is at least 30 days old
  • Channel has uploaded a photo for the channel icon
  • Channel has uploaded channel art
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Once you have completed these following eligibility requirement, you will receive an email from YouTube Creator Studio to setup custom URL.

In email there will be a link to claim URL, on-click it will open a browser and ask you to login to YouTube (if already login, will not ask). Check for “Get a new custom URL” pop-up notification in header area.

On-click, notification will open a pop-up dialog box with some suggested default URL based on channel name.

It may ask you to add some addition character (a-z or 0-1) to make your custom URL unique.

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Click on check box “I agree to the Terms of Service”, Change URL button and then Confirm choice button. Hence YouTube channel custom URL has been changed.

There is also a work around to get YouTube channel URL quickly using Google+ custom URL without extra characters. Just follow awesome tip and later create YouTube channel using the page.

Note and conclusion:

Once you have claimed, you will not have any choice to change the YouTube channel URL (except capitalization of characters).

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