Check Google+ ID profile and page URL availability

check Google ID and URL availability
Simple and easy steps to check whether Google+ ID and page URL is available or not for getting pre-qualified Google+ URL for your business.

It is very easy to check whether a particular Google+ ID profile (ex: +Humanologies) is available or not for your business website.

Recently we have published an article on how to get a Google+ URL without adding extra characters in username. This article is just a pre-requisite of previous article to check availability of personalized profile ID.

To check availability of particle Google+ ID, simply enter the profile ID needed in web browser ( If you get an Error 404 (Not Found)!!1 page, then your page is Available. Else If you get any Google+ page, then your page ID is already claimed by some other business.

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Example: Enter URL:

You will get below Error 404 page, as this Profile ID (+Facebook) is not yet claimed. Now you can complete start creating Google+ Business page and get a Google+ URL without adding extra characters.

Now, Enter:

If you get any page, then your page ID is already claimed by some other Business. You have to check for other options or else you can add some extra characters and claim page.

Note: Post is imported from our old website. 

Note and Conclusion:

  • Claim page immediately if available, or someone else will do.
  • If page ID is not available, check for new one. If you claim the same page with extra characters, you might loose your business.
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Get Google+ ID page, it would help to grow your business. As Google+ page ID is ranking factor for Google SERP and boost your rank.

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