Check ping time for website or blog from wordwide location

Chromefan Ping Time
Simple and easy list of website that allow to check ping time for your website or blog from different location across the globe user.

This Website Optimization Guide has some list of online website to check ping response time from various location across countries for your website, blog or domain name.

I have searched lot of website for ping time website checking from that I got only few of them genuine. Here is small list of Ping website available online.

Ping by Chrome Fans:

Chrome Fans, a website which create apps and extension for Chrome browser has created online website to check Ping time for your website or blog.

It ping your Domain IP address across various 10 location from world. And gives result test result, time taken to ping(in ms), packet lost during transfer of data.

Chromefan Ping Time

Chromefan Ping Time

It will trace your result on Map showing which location your ping is good and where it is bad. It is rated in four different colors, Green for Good, Yellow for OK(medium), Red for Bad, and Grey for Timeout(bad request).

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Advise: Always make sure that your hosting server have good response time.

#2 Just Ping:

Just Ping is another online website to check ping time, it is very old website providing ping time check mostly recommend on various websites and forums.

It check nearly 50+ location worldwide for data request and transfer rate i.e round trip (RT). It checks domain for both IP4 and IP6 (32 alphanumeric digits).

JustPing Time Check

JustPing Time Check

If certain location is unavailable, it through an error stating checkpoint not available. It will also check for all nearby locations of main server creating it more accurate results of ping. Look below image for detail result of JustPing.

JustPing Time Check result (Click on Image to view full)

JustPing Time Check result

One main cons for this website is that it will show only OK result and does not specify whether time is Good or Bad. That we have to check on ourselves from results we get.

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Note and Conclusion:

Ultimately this where few (can say two) website to check RT as if now. More will be added in coming future if I got some websites.

Advise: To reduce the RT you can use Google PageSpeed service which is free currently. Even you can opt for other content Delivery Network site like MaxCDN, Amazon S3, or Cloudflare.

For any kind of query and question feel free to ask us by commenting below.

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