Create a New Facebook Page for Website, Cause, etc.

Facebook Create Page
A simple guide on creating a new Facebook page for any kind of category like Business, Cause, Website, Brand, Celebrity, for social network

A social network guide on create a new Facebook fan page for any kind of requirement category like Business, Cause, Website, Brand, Celebrity, Community etc and sub-categories in each.

Boosting your social media presence are having some best benefits like sharing you thoughts, stay connected with clients in business and increase visitors traffic to website or blog and ultimately increase your potential earning from business, Hence Facebook page is a must.

There is no such rocket science in creating Facebook Pages. Here are simple steps with pictures to create a new Facebook page:

Step #1: Log-in to Facebook(FB) Account

To create a new page you need to log-in to your FB account, if you don’t have consider signing-up for one to create a new fb account.

Facebook Login and sign up

Facebook Login and sign up

Step #2: Create Facebook Page

Once logged-in to account go to create a page and start creating new page according to your requirement by select the appropriate category for your page you willing to create either business or any cause, giving name, description, website URL, and other info .

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There are 6 main category (Local Business, Company Business, Brand Product, Cause or Community, Artist Band or figure, and Entertainment) and several sub category in each of these main category. Choose an appropriate one which defines your page well.

Categories to create Facebook Page

Categories to create Facebook Page

Step #3: Basic Initial Set Up

Once appropriate category is chosen there is some initial one time Set Up for your page.

Setting up Facebook page

Setting up Facebook page

  • Write a small description about page in few words (description will be displayed on main page)
  • Add your website URL (if any), You can add more than one website for single page
  • Select an option, if your page represents to be real business or fan page (required)
  • Add a Profile Picture (required, but can be skipped and changed or added later)
  • Add Credit card details (optional, if you want to place ads and gain more likes)
  • Like your own page (be the first person to love what you do)
  • Add any Timeline photo if you want to customize it and make it more attractive.
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Step #4: Start Publishing

Hurry!! you are done with Set Up, now you can publish your page, manage your single page, can track who is visiting and liking your page in Facebook insight.

You can also invite your friends to like and follow new page or even use Facebook Ads to gain followers according to wish.

Step #5: Manage Number of Page

If you have created number of pages under your one account you can manage all of them at one stop. Facebook provides page bookmarks to manage pages.

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Note and Conclusion:

Hence, this was complete guide Creating, Set Up and Managing you Facebook page. Hope you liked our Guide for any questions about this topic comment below.

Advise TipIt very easy to create and manage pages, but it is very difficult to build traffic and people to like. Make your post well informative and must be loved by people.

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