Create your Kid’s exclusive Scrapbook in Facebook

Facebook Scrapbook
Is your newly born kid want to be on Facebook? Why don't you create a Facebook Album called as Scrapbook and keep posting your child pictures

Say hello to a brand new feature introduced to Facebook: Scrapbook. Scrapbook does, what it is basically meant to do in real life, i.e. store photos.

The scrapbook will allow you to create a photo tag for your child and is smart enough to organize all the photos in which the child is tagged into a special Facebook album.

It is ridiculously amazing how Facebook has occupied such a big part in our lives. New parents flood Facebook with cute pictures of their toddlers.

And who doesn’t love to see those cutesy cuddly babies. Uh huh!

Anyway, it’s also a good way to let the relatives know how little Tom (or Kevin or Raj) is doing. How they are growing up. Every milestone the little guy crosses and so on.

But junior (I’m out of child synonyms) can’t get a Facebook account until he is 13, and hence we have Scrapbook.

Also, Facebook has stated that over 65% of parents tag their spouse’s with a picture of the baby in order to share the pictures with their spouse’s Facebook friends.

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The Scrapbook will also come in handy in this scenario. It can be customized to allow it to be co-owned with your spouse. This will help both of you tag little junior into your photos and easily share them with family and friends.

Now if the Scrapbook feature has got your attention, here is how you can create your Scrapbook:

  • First you have to go to your “profile” and click “About”.
  • Then click “Family and relationships”. You will find a banner located at the top to create “Scrapbook”. It will be in blue and have a “get started” button.
  • Found it? Good. Now if you’re on your mobile then head to your profile, tap “Update Info” and then tap the “Get Started” button.
  • When you are creating your scrapbook, little junior needs to get added as a family member.
  • For identity or security purposes, you can give your child a nickname when adding him to your Facebook.
  • Now you don’t have to worry as facial technology will not be used. Facebook isn’t planning to create records of all the children faces (or are they?!). Essentially all the photos in which you will tag your child will be added to the scrapbook.
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Now there is something to keep in mind. Your scrapbook can only have a co-owner if he or she is in a Facebook relationship with you.

Again the Scrapbook will not have any privacy settings of its own. But the individual photos of the scrapbook will have privacy settings.

What this means is that when some person visits a Scrapbook they will only see a photo if they are included in that photo’s audience.


Just think, you are saving your thousands of pictures over a course of 13 years (maximum). It will inevitably turn into quite a mess.

The Scrapbook will be a good solution to this problem. It will automatically keep your kids photos organized. It’s hassle-free photo uploading.

So if you are a Facebook user/ new parent hoping to gift the world pictures of the little gift you got yourselves; Scrapbook is a great means.

Here is the link to view more information about Facebook’s Scrapbook

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