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Get a brand new Mail address at, a new mailing service offered by Microsoft Corp and it is really fast with all social integration

Now Microsoft is also added its services in mailing under the domain name “” inspired by the famous offline mail handling software application “Microsoft Outlook”. It is not the first time that Microsoft has introduced mailing service, previously it had “” made for windows live messenger.

Due to introduction of Gmail by Google Inc, market was blown off. But now after introduction of, it seems to increase in demand of outlook mailing service.

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Step #1: Sign Up Now

Getting your new mail account at is very simple and absolutely free of cost. Copy and paste into URL of your web browser. Or simple click on this link.

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If you have Windows Live account then, NO need to sign up for new account on outlook. Windows Live is already added on and it is accessible to you

Look at the preview of the login page. At the bottom of this page you may see the “Sign Up Now” link.

Once you click on this link, it will redirect you to another page to fill up the form and submit.

Step #2 Fill up the form

Fill up the form completely with your name and full details. Date of Birth, Gender, Enter the desire mail address you needed.

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Always create your password strong and unique. Enter your Phone number correctly because, you may use it for the sign in sometime when you are logged in using public computer for security purpose.

Step #3: Submit and get an

Complete the form, submit it and get a brand new mail address at, the outlook is property of Microsoft Corp. you can use this Mail ID in future to access any kind of  Microsoft features including the Windows live Messenger which has been installed in new windows 8 operating system.

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