How to Delete All Your Tweets At Once

Ever wanted to delete all your previous tweets from your twitter account but you are unable to find a solution. The problem is that twitter does not help: to delete all, you need to have patience and go deleting each post one by one until all zero. Imagine that you are not even a little in order to do this and decided to delete. There are many ways with you can delete these tweets easily.


Looking for a simple way to the point and straightforward to erase all your tweets? The TweetEraser is a web tool that allows you to search for all content posted on the microblogging using hashtags, date, or keywords. Just access the site, enter your Twitter credentials, allow the app to access your account and start cleaning.


Do a search and select the method of deletion of tweet: if you want to delete only you tweeted about a particular subject, take in a filtered search and delete only the related tweets. But if what you want to delete the tweets with the particular Hashtag tweets, you can select all the posts at once with that hashtag and delete it!

The tool also works on mobile so you can access it from your smartphone or tablet.

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Another option for those looking for a solution on the web to remove the tweets from your account is TweetDelete . It has a different TweetEraser functioning as it allows to delete all tweets instantly and provides a schedule for regular cleaning schedule your tweets automatically. Suppose you want to see your tweets clean every 3 months on your account. Just set the time in TweetDelete and ready.


Upon entering the site and allow the TweetDelete access your account, you will be redirected to the main page of the service. In it, you can set the length of deletions of tweets on the menu to the right (from one week to one year apart) or simply check the "Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule" to delete all your existing tweets even before to activate programmed cleaning.

Do not forget to uncheck the boxes that ask you to post to your name that you used the tool and follow the profile @ Tweet_Delete (unless you want to do this).


The Twitlan is an online tool that simply loads all tweets posted on your profile and allows you to easily delete all of them at once. But if you want, you can choose the ones you want to delete and leave others posted on the microblogging site.

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The tool usually carries 100 tweets at a time, by default. All tweets laden will appear on the main Twitlan. Here's to you: scoring only those you want to delete or mark all at once. But if you prefer to delete larger volumes of posts, simply select the option 500 or even 1000 tweets for the cleanup to occur faster.

Remember that the more tweets you delete, the longer it will take for the tool to complete your action.

Delete All My Tweets

Now, if you want to just delete everything and ready, without a trace, use the Delete All My Tweets . This tool is the most direct and the method is only one: delete all at once. No filters, options, cleaning schedules tweets or advanced searches.


Simply enter the site, authorize Delete All My Tweets using your account, confirm and wipe out all tweets that are in your profile. If you want to delete tweets more than once, simply repeat the process.

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